I can’t express how much I enjoyed to portrait Hayley and Sadie again after their birthday party. Hayley is a super fun little one with endless energy and Sadie’s smile always melts me. We were blessed with good weather and the Beas River Country Club is always one of my favourite place to shoot. Seeing these photos make me so happy! : )

      HayleySadie-7HayleySadie-31HayleySadie-18HayleySadie-21 copyHayleySadie-26HayleySadie-50HayleySadie-20 copyHayleySadie-54HayleySadie-37HayleySadie-44HayleySadie-29 copyHayleySadie-49HayleySadie-51HayleySadie-57HayleySadie HayleySadie-92HayleySadie-81HayleySadie-78HayleySadie-62HayleySadie-75 HayleySadie-94HayleySadie-85 HayleySadie-1HayleySadie-68